Hello World

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I have always been fascinated with malwares. I have also developed a small number of them and it was something I really enjoyed. However what I really like also, is to analyze them and trying to understand their internals. I started analyzing malware during various Cyber Security exercises organized by a variety of organizations, usually not public ones. During the last year, I had the opportunity to do the same thing as a side project at my everyday job.   Malware samples blocked from our security infrastructure are being collected and stored, so I am lucky enough to have access on them. To be precise this is a side project for me therefore, I don’t consider my self as a professional malware analyst but more like a researcher.

After this small introduction, let me describe the concept of the blog. I like to keep notes in order to be able to came back in case I forget about something. Therefore this blog is a notebook which might be useful to others also. Also it is a great opportunity to share information with other people more experts than me and maybe get useful comments.

Hopefully I will be able to frequently post new things, although I am not sure if the scope of this blog will include only malware analysis; in any case… Hello World


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